Appalachian Paranormal

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   The history of the group starts with it's founder Doug Davis. Born in New York but raised in various states, Doug had been around many haunted locations during his childhood. Being afraid of the dark didn't make this any easier. After several unexplained occurrences in various locations, and with a sense  of determined curiosity he inherited from his mother, at about age eight or nine, Doug began reading about the paranormal in order to understand what might be out there in the dark.

    Years of moving from place to place continuously put Doug in or near a location with a reputation for being haunted. So, as any teenager would, He checked it out to see if the rumors were true.

    In the early to mid-nineties after years of treating paranormal investigation as a hobby, Doug began teaching "Paranormal Science" for the University of Kentucky, at the Hazard Community College in Hazard Kentucky. Unfortunately, due to an overwhelming disapproval from several religious groups, the class was cancelled.

    Today, Doug is back into pushing the paranormal investigative field to the forefront. He has been helping people with issues, and investigating claims for around 35 years. His interest in the field, along with the staggering amount of recent interest from others has led him (along with his wife Loretta) to form the APA or Appalachian Paranormal Association (also known as Appalachian Paranormal).