Appalachian Paranormal

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Do you find yourself sitting at home asking "What was that noise?" or "Did I just see that?"  Or maybe you feel uncomfortable in your own home for no apparent reason, you do not need to worry.

To set up a preliminary investigation all you need to do is send us an email (all of our contact information is listed in the "Contacts" section) .

We will need a detailed explaination of what you have been experiencing and for how long it has been going on. As well as how long you and your family have been residing in the home. Our team will then be better prepared to discuss your case with you. We may ask A LOT of questions but it's so we can get a better understanding of your experiences. When we have all of the information, we will devise a plan, and schedule a day to come out and meet with you before we begin our preliminary investigation.

Our Pre-Lim investigation usually consists of taking baseline EMF (Electro-magnetic field,) temperature, and barometer readings, getting a feel for the layout of the site to be investigated, and planning where to place cameras, all before the sun goes down.  After dark, we will begin attempting to

try and establish contact by EVP(Electronic Voice Phenomenon) and spirit box sessions. We will also have cameras walking through-out your house to hopefully catch anything we may not see with the naked eye. The lead investigator will also have an Infrared/Full Spectrum Still Camera and normally will take around a hundred pictures during the investigation. After wrapping our preliminary investigation, we will then go over all of our footage and in the next few days report our findings back to you.

We will then discuss whether or not an all night investigation is needed, and after our "if needed" all nighter we will sit down again with you to discuss what could possibly be affecting your home, and the options you have for dealing with the problem.